Vertiv Liebert PSL 1000VA Tower UPS – Tower – AVR – 120 V AC Input – 8 PSL1000-120


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Liebert PSL 1000VA Tower UPS – Tower – AVR – 120 V AC Input – 8

Reliable power protection, from 650VA to 2000VA

The Vertiv™ Liebert® uninterruptable power supply (UPS) PSL family offers a reliable and cost effective technology of interactive UPS that ensure a consistent power supply to the valuable domestic and enterprise electronics, at all times. These UPS systems are easy to install and to maintain and are ideal for monitors, computer workstations, home theaters, point of sales systems (POS) and other sensitive electronics. The units’ voltage regulator technology controls voltage surges and stabilizes power. When an outage occurs, the battery provides enough time for a task to be completed and for safely powering off the equipment, without losing data when power is reestablished. The Liebert PSL UPS are available in 650VA to 2000VA capacities and include:

  • Outputs for surge protection only or for surge protection plus battery backup power supply.

  • Power supply conditioning by interactive technology with voltage regulator.

  • Automated reset when an outage happens while AC is recovered.

  • USB port and monitoring software.

Key Selling Points:


The Liebert PLS UPS protects your home or your business sensitive devices shall a problem related to the power supply occur. Its voltage regulator technology controls voltage surges and stabilizes power. The UPS includes an USB port and monitoring software.


The Liebert PSL UPS are available in capacities from 650VA to 2000VA and provide outputs with surge protection only or with surge protection and backup power supply. The USB communication port for connecting to a computer, the USB cable and the monitoring software allow users to receive remote alerts.


The Liebert PSL UPS was designed with simple controls, for a simple operation. This UPS provides enough time for disconnecting equipment safely, without data loss in case of any power supply disruption.

Common Applications:


The Liebert PSL UPS provides economical and reliable power protection for important business electronics. The UPS systems continue operating for enough time during a power event, allowing retailers to complete a sale and businesses to safeguard information. Protect PC workstations, small servers, Wi-Fi routers, POS terminals and more.


The Liebert PSL UPS systems offer the same protection to the valuable domestic electronics as to the enterprise ones. The UPS systems protect home theaters, office computers, modems/routers and domestic surveillance equipment from power supply outages, surges and other power disruptions. They can also make it easier to safely and orderly turn off a connected computer.

More from the Manufacturer


  • Line-interactive protection for domestic or enterprise electronics, in 1000VA (600W) capacity.
  • Automatic voltage regulation (AVR) technology correct power disturbances, providing conditioned power to equipment.
  • Outlets for surge-only protection and for battery and surge-protection; USB charging port keeps personal electronics charged and available.
  • Power is conditioned without drawing on battery, extending battery life.
  • Seamless transfer to battery power keeps equipment running uninterrupted during an outage.

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USB (HID Compliant) Port Yes
Technical Information
Application/Usage Home Theater
Gaming Console
Electronic Equipment
Surveillance System
Wi-Fi Router
POS Terminal
Receptacle Detail 8
Physical Characteristics
Form Factor Tower
Power Description
Input Voltage 120 V AC
120 V AC
Input Frequency 60 Hz
60 Hz
General Information
Product Type Line-interactive UPS
Manufacturer Part Number PSL1000-120
Manufacturer Website Address
Manufacturer Vertiv
Product Name PSL 1000VA Tower UPS
Product Series PSL
Brand Name Liebert


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