Tripp Lite In-Row Precision Cooling System – 12.8 kW (43,686 BTU/hr), 3PH, 208V, 42U, 300mm


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In-row precision air conditioner provides robust cooling in a space-saving footprint for small data centers and high-performance computer rooms.

  • Cools mission-critical equipment with up to 12.8 kW (43,686 BTU/hr) of high-precision in-row cooling power
  • Slim 300 mm profile allows maximum cooling while taking up little space
  • Close-coupled design improves energy efficiency by 25% over traditional CRACs
  • User-friendly color touchscreen allows complete access to data and status information
  • Configurable side and/or front airflow discharge and maintenance mode capability
  • Hot swappable fans
  • 1-year limited warranty

This standalone air conditioning system requires professionally installed piping and electrical connections between the indoor cooling unit and the outdoor condenser, which mounts on a rooftop or condenser yard.


Slim Air Conditioning System Saves Space While Delivering Primary Precision Cooling
This SmartRack® in-row precision air conditioning system is the ideal cooling option for your small-to-medium data center, IT room or other edge location. Typical CRAC/CRHC units are too large for these locations, but the SRCOOLDXRW12 cools your mission-critical equipment while occupying very little floor space, supporting up to 12.8kW (43,686 BTU/hr) of heat load per unit. The cabinet is just 300 millimeters wide, making it easy to position optimally within a row for precision close-coupled cooling. It requires the same front and rear clearance as a standard rack enclosure.

Uses DX Technology to Deliver Cool Air to Loads
This direct expansion (DX) cooling system pulls unconditioned air through the rear of the unit, cools it with condensed refrigerant and delivers it to equipment loads with up to 43,686 BTU/hour and more than 1,475 CFM airflow. EC fans and a variable speed compressor provide variable airflow and constant temperature based on room conditions.

High Cooling Efficiency Saves You Money
Inverter compressor and EC fan technology automatically regulate cooling output to match heat load and conserve energy during off-peak hours, lowering your overall energy costs and lengthening the lifespan of the equipment being cooled. The close-coupled design captures heat at the source to improve energy efficiency by 25% over traditional perimeter CRACs. In addition, the SRCOOLDXRW12 is ideally sized for your small-to-medium data center at virtually any density, saving you the cost of a raised floor or an overbuilt/overprovisioned CRAC unit. It uses eco-friendly R410A refrigerant, reflecting your commitment to environmental responsibility.

Easy to Operate with the Color Touchscreen
You have total control over the SRCOOLDXRW12 using the front-panel color touchscreen interface, which lets you monitor and access system configuration and status information. A built-in controller detects and manages data center temperatures, automatically adjusts cooling levels and supports various control modes. Intelligent temperature control and variable speed technology allow precise airflow and temperature adjustment to match specific load requirements closely without wasting energy on overcooling.

Reconfigure Your Cooling Needs as Your Equipment Needs Change
The modular, in-row cabinet design easily facilitates expansion or movement on its built-in casters, allowing your increasing cooling needs to be reconfigured as your data center grows. A simple redundancy model (N+1) is built in as part of the number of scalable units to be deployed. 

Pre-Installed WEBCARDLXMINI Network Interface Offers 24/7 Access
Remote access to the SRCOOLDXRW12 can save you the time and expense of having someone constantly on-site. The built-in WEBCARDLXMINI lets you manage temperatures, receive alerts, review logs and control settings 24/7 via HTTP(S), menu/CLI via SSH/Telnet and SNMP for integration with management software platforms such as DCIM. The ability to configure settings and monitor alarms off-site can bolster your bottom line.

Designed for Simple Maintenance and Convenience
By placing the SRCOOLDXRW12 close to a rack, you can eliminate hot spots. A water pump automatically drains condensed water and detects the fill pan’s level to avoid leakage. Insulated side panels isolate the unit from external temperature variations. Electrical connections can be routed through either the top or bottom, whichever is more convenient for your application. The SRCOOLDXRW12 supports front or side air discharge. You can configure included panels to direct airflow as necessary to adapt to nearly any environment.

Package Includes

  • Indoor in-row air conditioning unit
  • Outdoor condenser
  • Side discharge panels / adapters
  • Hardware kits
  • Owner’s manual
UPC Code 037332250674
Electrical Consumption (Max) 4800 Watts
Nominal Input Voltage(s) Supported 208V AC
Maximum Input Amps 16
Input Connection Type 3-wire / 4-wire + Ground
Input Plug Features 3-wire / 4-wire + Ground
Input Frequency 60 Hz
Cooling Type Active
Airflow 1,475 CFM
Cooling Capacity (BTUs) 43686
Cooling Capacity (kW) 12.8
Front Panel LEDs 7-inch color touchscreen
Color Black
Material of Construction Aluminium, Steel
Shipping Dimensions (hwd / in.) 85.60 x 23.60 x 47.20
Unit Dimensions (hwd / in.) 78.700 x 11.800 x 43.300
Unit Weight (lbs.) 397
Storage Temperature Range -40 to 140 degF
Operating Elevation (ft.) 0 to 13,000
Operating Temperature 4 to 115 degF
Operating Humidity Range 5 to 80%
Ambient Operation RH   5 to 80%
Condensate Drain Pumps (L/HR) Max distance 150ft (45m), max lift 26.5ft (8m)
Condensate Water Drains 1/4 in. Connection
SNMP Compatibility Yes,  WEBCARDLX  card included
Compressor Type Rotary (Inverter Driven)
Refrigerant R410a (Environmentally friendly, Non ozone depleting)
Refrigerant Amount 12.1 lb. / 5.0 kg (Nominal)
Sound Level (Noise) 78 DBA @ 1475 CFM @ 1 METER
Fans (Type/Quantity) 0-2000 RPM x 3
Operation Mode Cooling, Standby, Off, Maintenance Mode
Supply Air Temperature (Celsius) 18-27 deg. C (limited by heating load)
Applied Containment Types Close/Open
Fan Controls Automatic
Force Modes Maintenance Mode, Rotation Mode
Installation Modes Condenser above or slightly below In-Row; vertical condenser.
Manual Modes Service and factory setting menus for manual adjustment
Power Redundancies  
Single only
System Type Selections Deg. F; Deg. C (default is Deg. F)
Temperature Unit Selections Deg. F; Deg. C (default is Deg. F)
Product Certifications CAN/CSA-C22.2 No. 60335 (Canada); NOM (Mexico); UL 60355
Product Compliance RoHS; FCC Part 15 Class B (USA)
Product Warranty Period (Worldwide) 1-year limited warranty



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