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APC NBAC0303NA POE Injector

APC NBAC0303NA POE Injector

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NBAC0303NA Features

APC POE Injector
The PoE Injector allows a PoE enabled NetBotz appliance to be used with a non-PoE ethernet switch.
Includes: Country-specific detachable power cord

  • PoE Injector
    Enables PoE devices to be used with non-PoE Ethernet Switches.

Technical Specifications


Maximum Height
1.3inches (32MM, 3.2CM)
Maximum Width
2.4inches (60MM, 6.0CM)
Maximum Depth
4.0inches (102MM, 10.2CM)
Net Weight
0.37lbs. (0.17KG)
Shipping weight
1.76lbs. (0.8KG)
Shipping Height
2.4inches (62MM, 6.2CM)
Shipping Width
9.8inches (248MM, 24.8CM)
Shipping Depth
7.1inches (181MM, 18.1CM)