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APC NBAC0214L NetBotz USB Latching Cable LSZH 5m

APC NBAC0214L NetBotz USB Latching Cable LSZH 5m

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NBAC0214L Features

Key Features

Cord Length
16.4ft (5meters)
NetBotz USB Latching Cable, LSZH - 5m
Replacement USB cable used to connect NetBotz Camera Pod to select NetBotz Appliances.
Includes: USB cable

Technical Specifications

Number of Ports


Maximum Height
1.0inches (25MM, 2.5CM)
Maximum Width
6.5inches (165MM, 16.5CM)
Maximum Depth
6.5inches (165MM, 16.5CM)
Net Weight
0.44lbs. (0.2KG)
Shipping weight
0.46lbs. (0.21KG)
Shipping Height
1.1inches (27MM, 2.7CM)
Shipping Width
7.0inches (178MM, 17.8CM)
Shipping Depth
12.0inches (305MM, 30.5CM)
Connector A
USB 2.0 type A
Connector B
USB 2.0 type B


Operating Temperature
32 - 113 °F (0 - 45 °C)
Operating Relative Humidity
0 - 95 %
Operating Elevation
0 - 10000ft (0 - 3048meters)
Storage Temperature
-15 - 65 °C
Storage Elevation
0 - 50000ft (0 - 15240meters)


Standard warranty
2 years repair or replace