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The Evolution of Cybersecurity

According to a recent study from NREI®, as digital threats get more serious, companies realize that more resources are needed to bolster their cybersecurity. The EcoStruxureTM platform from Schneider ElectricTM offers a comprehensive toolkit for the modern security challenge portfolio.

Nearly 70%of companies expect to increase their spending on operational technology cybersecurity over the next 3 years. 14% of companies expect that jump in spending to be significant. 

Digital fraud is among the top threats that increased cybersecurity spending can address. 

EcoStruxure IT enables IT professionals to reduce the risk of a security breach by running device security assessment.

The goal: Use cybersecurity to avoid negative fallout from a digital security event. To do that in the short-term, companies will employ a mix of IT and OT (Operational Technology) system solutions.

Top strategies to increase cybersecurity:

  • Ensure security policies have been adapted for the cloud.   
  • Install security software on all IoT and mobile devices.
  • Monitor and safeguard physical access to IT assets and infrastructure.
  • Create mitigation plan for data loss/theft.
  • Protect network against potential threats.
  • Conduct user training on cybersecurity.

The EcoStruxure advantage.

Schneider Electric’s EcoStruxure offering provides an end-to-end cybersecurity approach that covers IT and OT systems, delivering a powerful and cost-effective solution that allows your team to operate at maximum efficiency.

EcoStruxureTM has a wide range of cybersecurity benefits:

  • Connected products that adhere to recognized standards and open protocols.
  • Seamless interoperability across multiple systems and devices for an integrated view of building operations
  • Security protection in system design to strengthen your operational control.
  • Integration of appropriate IT policies and requirements to simplify your cybersecurity challenges.
  • Integrated physical security solutions for access control to address on-site malware and digital fraud.

Building cybersecurity to protect your business

Schneider Electric employs a “defense in depth” approach that focuses on specialized development processes, cutting edge technology systems and highly-trained professionals to keep your systems cybersecure.

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