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Schneider Electric Galaxy RPP: Highly configurable, highly modular, high-density power distribution for data centers and colocation facilities

Scalable power distribution tailored to your application

Galaxy RPP (Remote Power Panel) is a reliable, scalable, and intelligent high-density power distribution expansion solution for data centers and colocation facilities.

It offers flexible configuration with factory installed and tested Square DTM breaker panels configured to meet the unique needs of your site. Built for efficient and reliable installation, the compartmental design separates monitoring, distribution, control, and main input breaker sections, giving the customer the flexibility to selectively provide access to trained users.

The 7-inch display interface and Schneider Electric Branch Circuit Power Meter provide the level of monitoring your site requires, and the RPP is EcoStruxure ReadyTM for anytime, anywhere monitoring.


Galaxy RPP is engineered by the makers of legendary SquareD circuit breakers and panel boards, incorporating over 100 years of leadership in electrical distribution. Galaxy RPP is supplied with your choice of industry- leading Square D NP, NQ, or IP2X panelboard and QO or QOB breakers.


Galaxy RPP meets the demanding scalability needs of any large data center, delivering maximum flexibility with branch breaker choices you can add quickly as the data center needs change.



Galaxy RPP can be monitored with our EcoStruxureTM IT software, cloud- based or on-premise data center infrastructure management applications that offer end-to-end power management of your data center.

The software enables remote monitoring of power and breaker status data to intelligently manage power in a large data center.

Easy to install and service

The clean layout of the RPP offers ease of installation and serviceability. The thoughtful and extensive compartmental design simplifies your asset access allocation, and finger-safe covers offer additional protection.
Top and bottom cable entry bring the best to your data center layout.

Low ownership costs

Galaxy RPP features a space-saving, high-density system that is easy to install almost anywhere in your data center – back to back with another RPP, against a wall, or in a Schneider Electric EcoStruxure Pod Data Center configuration.

Typical applications

  • Data centers of any size
  • Colocation facilities
  • Cloud service providers

Galaxy RPP is compatible with all Schneider Electric Power Distribution Units. For more details, contact your Schneider Electric representative or visit

Galaxy RPP is the power distribution backbone of the Schneider Electric EcoStruxure Pod Data Center, a clean, cost efficient and quick way to deploy IT at a large scale.

Galaxy RPP Applications

Innovative features that make a difference

Quickly install and easily service the Galaxy RPP with input, output, electronic, and power distribution compartments that isolate each installation, operation, or maintenance task:

Galaxy RPP Features

Benefits of the embedded PowerLogic Branch Circuit Power Meter (PBCPM)

Harness industry-leading monitoring capabilities for maximum power reliability. The PowerLogic BCPM provides power and energy data on branch circuits and mains in a power distribution unit or remote power panel, giving you an accurate vision of your capacity, energy use, and reliability.

The PowerLogic BCPM offers these outstanding features, giving you a clear business advantage:

  • Offers the widest dynamic monitoring range within its class – helps you identify unused or overextended capacity
  • Best-in-class low-current monitoring – allows you to differentiate small loads from potential circuit breaker trips

Choose the Square D components that will be factory-installed in your Galaxy RPP:

Main input breakers: L- and J-fram breakers

Surge protection devices Panel boards: NQ, NF, IP2X

Galaxy RPP Footprint and accessibility

Galaxy RPP Applications

Galaxy RPP Technical Specifications

Galaxy RPP Technical Specifications