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PowerChute Network Shutdown

Industry-leading power protection for your hyperconverged and virtual infrastructure

Protect your physical and virtual IT environment against power outages and other environmental and physical threats.

While virtualization and more recently hyperconverged infrastructures (HCI) have changed the IT landscape, the need for power protection and graceful, unattended shutdown management remains.

PowerChuteTM Network Shutdown works in conjunction with the APC UPS Network Management Card and your APCTM by Schneider Electric UPS to protect your physical servers, virtual machines and HCI Clusters.

PowerChute Network Shutdown has been extended to support advanced hyperconverged systems including VMware vSAN and Nutanix.

PowerChute Network Shutdown


  • Graceful network-based shutdown
  • Sequenced server shutdown
  • Integration with VMware® and Hyper-V
  • Integration with VMware vSAN
  • Integration with Nutanix
  • Command file and SSH Actions supported
  • Event logging
  • HTTPS communications
  • IPv6 support
  • SNMP v1 and v3 support

Virtualization platform integration

Supports VMware® and Microsoft® virtual clusters with multiple configuration options to manage threats to availability and recovery:

  • Migrate virtual machines to healthy hosts within a single site or across multiple geographical locations.
  • Specify which host to migrate VMs to.
  • Delay Maintenance Mode when VMware DRS is enabled to prevent unnecessary VM migration.
  • Gracefully shut down virtual machines, VMware vApps and hosts.
  • Control the order of virtual machine migration, shut down, and start-up. Flexibility to define durations for VM Migration, VM Shutdown and VM Startup per priority groups.
  • Start-up sequence ensures PowerChute powers on VMs to minimise downtime after critical events have passed.

Ease of management

  • Manage your hosts and UPSs from a single PowerChute screen with simple drag-and-drop functionality.
  • Move virtual machines into high, medium, and low priority groups for greater control to expand configuration capabilities. Two additional VM priority groups have been added to the latest release.
  • Install using the Virtual Appliance to simplify the installation and deployment experience.
  • Easily integrate with vSphere UI using PowerChute Web Client Plug-in.

        Hyperconverged Systems Support

        Nutanix Integration

        • Graceful shutdown and start-up for Nutanix AHV or ESXi Clusters.
        • Automated handling of Nutanix Files and Protection Domain features during Cluster shutdown and start-up.
        • AHV and ESXi Cluster support is easily configured using the intuitive PowerChute setup wizard.
        • VM prioritisation for AHV and ESXi supported.

        VMware vSAN

        • Standard and Stretched clusters supported.
        • PowerChute issues Maintenance Mode command using the appropriate vSAN data evacuation mode (No action/Ensure Accessibility) depending on the customer’s setup.
        • Ability to specify and use FTT (Fault Tolerance Thresholds) levels in advanced configurations, to maximise VM uptime on the vSAN cluster, only shutting down VMs when necessary (if FTT is exceeded).
        • Support for vCenter server running as a VM in a vSAN environment.


          SSH Actions

          • Execute commands on remote systems using SSH.
          • Securely store SSH credentials in PowerChute to avoid storing in a script in plaintext.

          Embedded Java Update tool

          • Integrated Java update tool to help users stay secure with the latest Java updates.

          Features and benefits:

          Operating system shutdown
          Performs graceful, unattended operating system shutdown for critical events such as extended power outages or physical threats (in conjunction with NetBotz).
          Sequenced server shutdown
          Sequences the shutdown of multiple servers powered by the same UPS to extend runtime for higher priority servers.
          Virtual cluster support
          Supports virtual machine migration, virtual machine shutdown, and host shutdown in Virtual Clusters. Drag-and-drop supported to arrange and view your UPS and host configurations.
          Virtual machine migration options
          Triggers virtual machine migration to available hosts in the same cluster on a single site or across different geographical locations. Includes the option to control where specific virtual machines get migrated to, for VMware and Hyper-V.
          Virtual machine prioritization
          Controls the order in which virtual machines are migrated, shut down, and powered on by moving virtual machines into high-, medium-, and low-priority groups. Two additional priority groups now allow Admins increased flexibility. Un-prioritised VM’s are treated with lowest priority.
          VMware vApp shutdown
          Enables shutdown and startup of VMware vApps to control the sequence of virtual machine shutdown/startup. vApps shutdown now occurs in parallel with VM shutdown, to reduce the overall shutdown sequence duration.
          VMware Virtual Appliance
          Provides the option to deploy PowerChute as a virtual appliance for ease of installation.
          VMware vSphere plug-in options
          A vSphere plug-in option integrates PowerChute with vCenter Server for ease of management enabling PowerChute monitoring with the vSphere Client. Plug-in option available for the vSphere Web Client.
          Configurable VMware Maintenance mode delay
          Capability to delay Maintenance Mode until all the VMs are powered off to prevent DRS from moving VMs in the cluster unnecessarily.
          Microsoft SCVMM integration
          Provides the option to integrate with Microsoft System Center Virtual Machine Manager (SCVMM) and leverage maintenance mode to migrate or save virtual machines when a critical UPS event occurs.
          MS Storage Spaces Direct
          Support for Storage Spaces Direct in a Hyper-V Failover cluster.
          Support for Nutanix AHV and ESXi Hypervisor configurations
          Safe shutdown for AHV and ESXi environments
          Nutanix Cluster Shut down and Start-up supported
          Unattended graceful shutdown and start-up eliminates manual steps for system administrators
          Support for VMware vSAN
           Support for Standard and Stretched vSAN clusters.
          SAN Fault Tolerance Threshold (FTT)
          In Advanced configurations use FTT level to only shut down VMs when threshold has been exceeded.
          Text-based INI configuration file
          Allows for flexibility in archiving configuration settings or copying configured settings from one PowerChute agent to another.
          Network Management System Integration
          Discover and manage PowerChute machines by using SNMP v1 or v3 to query and configure PowerChute settings. Send SNMP Traps to NMS for critical UPS events ensuring timely notifications.
          NetBotz Integration
           Trigger shutdowns based on external threats and actions such as intrusion detection or environmental alarms.
          Multiple UPS Configurations Supported
          Supports Single-UPS setup, Parallel-UPS configuration setups, Redundant-UPS configuration and Advanced Redundant UPS setups (multiple groups with individual redundancy levels.)
          SSH Actions Supported
           Execute commands on remote systems using SSH. Credentials encrypted for security.
          Embedded Java Update tool
          Allows users to update to a higher version of JRE on PowerChute.