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Schneider Electric Galaxy VX | 500–1500 kW UPS

Scalable, flexible, high performance power protection to meet the changing needs of your rapidly expanding business

Schneider Electric Galaxy VX UPS Close Up

Galaxy VX is a highly efficient, modular three-phase UPS scalable from 500 to 1500 kW in a single unit that provides high performance, scalability, and flexibility. Its scalability accommodates the changing needs of your rapidly expanding business, and its exceptional performance and abundance of cost-saving features reduce your energy costs and total cost of ownership (TCO). Galaxy VX is the ideal UPS for today’s large data centers, cloud and colocation facilities, as well as mission-critical applications.

  • Reduces TCO with up to 99% efficient third-party certified Class 1 ECOnversion operating mode
  • Enables on-site UPS expandability with 250 kW power cabinets and the ability to parallel up to four units for capacity or redundancy
  • Improves UPS reliability and lifecycle with patented four-level inverter technology
  • Optimizes your return on investment, and increases your UPS and energy storage utilization with dispatchable operation
  • Speeds up your deployment time, increases on-site reliability and reduces start-up costs with Smart Power Test (SPoT) mode
  • Compatible with low TCO, high-performance Lithium-ion batteries
  • Lowers maintenance and replacement costs with modular architecture

Scale up easily with modular design and high-density footprint 

Modular design

The Galaxy VX system scales using 250 kW power cabinets. Power cabinets can be added after initial installation to allow for load growth or increased redundancy.

Expand Galaxy VX from 500 kW up to 1500 kW N+1

  • New footprint-optimized 1250 kW input/output (I/O) cabinet supports up to 1250 kW N+1 in a single frame
  • Also scalable up to 1500 kW N+1 in a single UPS with the 1500 kW I/O cabinet
Adding power cabinets to the Galaxy VX UPS

Inside the Galaxy VX redundant and scalable UPS

  1. Backfeed contactor
  2. Redundant power supply
  3. Static switch
  4. Main controller and bypass controller redundancy
  5. Fiber optic communication 
  6. Power modules in power cabinet
  7. Replaceable fans 
Inside the Galaxy VX redundant and scalable UPS


ECOnversion mode

Enjoy the high-test energy savings available today without sacrificing load protection—our patented zero-break transfer design offers peace of mind:

  • World-class efficiency up to 99%
  • Excellent load protection with certified third-party Class 1 performance per IEC 62040-3
  • Zero transfer time to continuously-charged batteries or double conversion mode; inverter is always on and active
  • Input power factor correction
  • Porgrammable scheduling available

How Does ECOnversion mode work 

  • Bypass input powers the load
  • Active inverter supplies power factor correction and harmonic compensation
  • Patented bypass silicon controlled rectifier (SCR) control prevents input short circuit from affecting critical loads
  • Selectable input voltage, frequency, and total harmonic distortion (THDU) windows ensure the UPS operating mode is optimized for site-specific power conditions


ECOnversion chart showing X axis as transient duration in milliseconds and the y axis is nominal voltage change expressed as a percentage

Increase reliability, predictability, and performance with advanced Galaxy VX technology

Speed up deployment time, reduce start-up costs, and increase on-site reliability of the UPS operation by using the Smart Power Test (SPoT) mode before connecting your critical load.

SPoT (Smart Power Test) SPoT enables the field service engineer (FSE) to test the UPS with full capacity current flow through important components and converters, without using a large system input current and without needing a load bank connected to the system or other system modifications.

  • Simple, easy, and safe method to test the UPS at full power
  • Can be conducted after service, repair, upgrade, or commissioning of UPS installation to verify system is properly installed
  • Reduce risk to load and improve product quality
  • Significant cost, time, and power savings

Galxy VX Smart Power Test (SPoT) Single Line Diagram

Increase reliability and peace of mind by adding a power module cabinet to achieve N+1 redundancy, or by paralleling up to four UPSs for capacity or redundancy.

Smart paralleling and fault-tolerant design

Inherently redundant design allows for any power cabinet to act as a redundant 250 kW block. Load sharing in parallel is done by matching the percentage output of each system depending on capacity availability. Redundant parallel communication cables increase overall system resiliency.

Galaxy VX System plus System

Installation and serviceability

  • Fast and easy installation provided by Schneider Electric field service team
  • Power cabinets with casters roll into place
  • HMI display includes network communication card
  • Install back to back or against a wall
  • Compatible with skid and containerized systems
  • Secure installation with mechanical anchoring brackets
  • OSHPD seismic rating certification
  • Front access only for all service and repair tasks
  • Field replaceable power modules
  • Modular fault-tolerant power blocks reduce mean time to repair

Flexible, optimized long-life energy storage with Lithium-ion

Galaxy VX seamlessly integrates with the Schneider Electric Lithium-ion energy solution and directly powers the continuous battery monitoring that delivers improved predictability and manageability.

  • 50-70% smaller footprint. Reduce the secure power footprint so revenue-generating equipment can take its place.
  • 60-70% lighter weight. Provides flexibility to install on any floor while minimizing structural modification requirements.
  • 30-50% lower total cost of ownership (TCO). This includes lower cooling costs, upfront capital cost, and other operating expenses.
  • 5x faster recharge. Full recharge in less than two hours. 

Dispatchable UPS

Unlock the value of your UPS: Maximize savings, generate revenue, and improve resiliency by dispatching stored battery capacity.

Lithium-ion batteries are increasingly being utilized to provide a variety of valuable grid services and generate steady income streams. With modern data centers leveraging Lithium-ion battery technology, such income streams are also available to data center owners. This added functionality enables quick return on investment while increasing system reliability and providing continuous state of health data.

  • Reduce utility demand charges
    • Offset peak-load demand by dispatching excess capacity from Lithium-ion batteries
  • Minimize time-of-use tariff charges
    • Reduce energy consumption during peak hours by load shifting to non-peak hours
  • Increase system reliability 
    • Improves overall performance by cycling batteries to validate their state of health
  • Generate new revenue streams
    • Create additional revenue by participating in utility programs and electricity markets

EcoStruxure Microgrid Advisor

  • Advanced model predictive control algorithms autonomously enable maximum energy savings while optimizing battery life
  • Stay informed of energy usage, savings, and battery reserve via EMA app and website
  • System reliability via 24-hour advanced automatic default operation schedules
  • Cyber-secure platform to protect site and related data from external hacks
  • To learn more about EMA, visit:

Peak Demand Shaving with Galaxy VX UPS

Visibility and peace of mind

Manage and monitor your Galaxy VX from anywhere, at any time, on any device, thanks to EcoStruxure IT software and services.

EcoStruxure leverages advancements in IoT, mobility, sensing, cloud, analytics, and cybersecurity to deliver innovation at every level. EcoStruxure IT Expert and EcoStruxure Asset Advisor are cloud-based solutions that provide you with enhanced visibility and data-driven insights to optimize data center resiliency and performance.

EcoStruxure IT Expert provides you a hands-on approach with secure, cloud based monitoring software that synthesizes performance and alert data into proactive recommendations and enables secure, wherever-you-go visibility from any device.

EcoStruxure Asset Advisor for secure power and cooling provides you a handsoff approach with 24x7 remote monitoring service by the Schneider Electric service bureau engineers. We monitor and troubleshoot, you relax.


Technical Specifications

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