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Galaxy VS UPS: 20-150 kW (480 V), 10-75 kW (208 V)

Maximize your availability; minimize your total cost of ownership

Galaxy VS is a highly efficient, modular, easy-to-deploy 20-150 kW (480 V) / 10-75 kW (208 V) three-phase uninterruptible power supply (UPS) that delivers top performance to critical IT, commercial, and industrial facilities.

You need best-in-class power protection that is as high-performing and innovative as your business. Galaxy VS maximizes your availability while minimizing your total cost of ownership, with highly efficient patented technologies and modular architecture.

Galaxy VS meets your internal redundancy needs with N+1 power modules to ensure your load remains protected. This multiplies by 10 the system’s availability without extra footprint.

Battery flexibility is one of the main highlights of Galaxy VS. When you choose Lithium-ion batteries, you benefit from a longer battery lifetime and higher temperature tolerance than classic battery solutions. When you choose smart battery modules integrated in the UPS cabinet, Galaxy VS offers optimized footprint and ensures critical loads have highly predictable runtimes and battery redundancy.

The Galaxy VS is EcoStruxure™ Ready to give you visibility into the health of your UPS and peace of mind by sending realtime status updates directly to your smartphone. With its robust design and industry-leading performance, Galaxy VS is the ideal backbone for your critical infrastructure.

  • New patented hybrid technology. Provides up to 97% efficiency in double conversion mode. Electricity savings in full protection mode at every load level.
  • Compact design. Optimized footprint. High-density technology and full front access make Galaxy VS a footprint saver well suited for confined spaces.
  • Battery flexibility, including Lithium-ion batteries. Increase availability and reduce TCO with long-life, intelligent energy storage.
  • 99% efficient in patented ECOnversion mode. Recover your initial investment within twothree years through energy savings.
  • Maximum availability thanks to modular architecture. Critical system components built as modules for faster serviceability and fault tolerance. N+1 redundancy and scalability options available.
  • EcoStruxure IT. Anytime, anywhere monitoring and service support via smartphone app.

Well suited for a wide range of applications

  • Edge, small, and medium data centers and computer rooms
  • Manufacturing facilities
  • Telecommunication
  • Commercial buildings
  • Healthcare
  • Transportation
  • Emergency lighting (UL 924 and CSA 22.2 NO. 141-15)

Leading performance

Robust and flexible design ideal for demanding environments at maximum performance


Flexibility and performance

  • Unity Power Factor (PF=1) allows for right-size protection to real IT needs
  • Well suited for different applications thanks to high flexibility on power factor and high overload capability
  • Single and dual mains supported
  • Supports 3- or 4-wire installations
  • Optimized uptime with wide input tolerance window (+/-15%)
  • Right-sized batteries with flexible DC bus

Robust design supports both IT and non-IT environments

  • Supports a wide range of loads
  • Fault-tolerant design ensures continuous protection in critical circumstances 
  • Designed to perform in dusty environments with its high-quality air filter
  • Withstands 40 degree C operating operating temperature without derating
  • Suited for humid environments thanks to conformal coating
  • Seismic certified (with option kit)
  • Maximum short circuit rating 65 kA
  • Exceeds industry standards on electromagnetic protection due to EMC Level C2
  • Faster battery charging capabilities restore back-up time 2-3 times faster compared to industry standards

Choose the battery solution with the benefits that meet your site needs

Lithium-ion battery

    • Protect your load eve during repeated power interruptions
    • Longer lifetime than classic battery solutions
Smart battery modules
    • Integrate batteries in the UPS to reduce footprint
    • Battery monitoring included 
    • Improve availability when you install additional smart modular battery strings
    • Easily increase runtime by installing self-configuring smart battery modules
Classic batteries
    • Quickly install the battery cabinet next to the UPS
    • Compact footprint

Lithium-ion compared to VRLA batteries

  • 2-3x expected life
  • Higher operating temperature
  • 60-70% less weight 

Best operational efficiency 

Reduce your energy bill

Very high efficiency for small to medium data centers, buildings, and facilities. By using ECOnversion mode, significant savings are achieved every year on your electricity bill. Compared to a legacy design, the savings are equivalent to the UPS acquisition cost after two-three years. 

ECOnversion: an unbeatable combination of power quality and high efficiency 



Efficiency: 99%

Annual electricity savings: $5242

Double conversion

Efficiency: 99%

Annual electricity savings: $3145

Legacy design 

Efficiency: 94%

Annual electricity savings: $0

ROI of higher efficiency UPS

ECOnversion mode

Enjoy the highest energy savings available today without sacrificing load protection – our patented zero-break transfer design offers peace of mind:

  • World-class efficiency up to 99%
  • Keeps excellent load protection
  • Continuously charged batteries
  • Compliant with IEC 62040-3 Class 1 output performance of UPS standard
  • Input power factor correction and no harmonics

New patented hybrid technology

  • Up to 97% efficiency in double conversion online mode even at low load levels
  • Uses soft-switch method to reduce losses during double-conversion

X axis is the transient duration while the Y axis is percentage voltage change

Table describing Galaxy VS battery choices

Faster installation and serviceability

Quick to install and fits everywhere thanks to its compact design

  • Lightweight, small footprint, with rolling casters
  • Everything you need is included – Network Management Card (NMC),
  • Modbus, single and dual mains, air filters, and eight dry contacts
  • Precise and reliable battery configuration, thanks to predefined battery parameters
  • Set up a simplified 1+1 parallel configuration using the built-in internal maintenance bypass breaker, or use an external maintenance bypass panel to configure parallel installations for capacity or redundancy
  • Supports a common battery bank for parallel installations
  • Supports installation with NEMA 2-hole lugs
Simple to maintain and fast to service thanks to its modular architecture
  • Fast mean time to repair thanks to swappable power, static switch, battery, and intelligence. modules
  • Full front access for simple and fast connection and service (Galaxy VS for external batteries)
  • Reduces risk of human error; the easy and intuitive guided maintenance bypass transfer sequence on the display helps you easily transfer to and from maintenance bypass and monitors the system breaker status

Modular design benefits

  1. Intelligence module: Contains critical control and signal wire interfaces
  2. Scalability option: Add new power module anytime as your evolves
  3. Power modules: N+1 redundancy, fast-swap, slide in & out modules with rear connectors. Includes fan box for simple replacement. Superb core performances (PF=1, high-density, high-efficiency) and fault-tolerant design 
  4. Static switch module: Fast-swap, slide in & out modules with rear connectors. Includes fan box for simple replacement. Replaceable without installing an external maintenance bypass solution
  5. Internal maintenance bypass: Simplifies service operations. With this design, the intelligence modules, power modules, and static switch modules can be replaced without installing an external maintenance bypass solution
  6. Smart modular battery strings: Integrates smart battery modules in the UPS cabinet, conserving footprint and increasing availability with battery monitoring, and additional battery strings, and fast runtime expansion with self-configuring modules

Galaxy VS components

Smart modular battery string

Accurate anytime replacement

  • Simple: Push-in and plug; unplug and pull-out
  • Safe: Touchproof connectors
  • Self-configuring: The UPS automatically detects the presence and type of batteries, so the battery configuration is updated accurately
  • Increased availability: Four smart battery modules form one smart modular battery strings. All smart battery modules support the load, so no individual battery is a single point of failure
  • Reduced Mean Time To Repair (MTTR): Replace a smart battery module in just a few minutes

Modular battery cabinets

Flexible, high-density energy storage

  • Right-sizing: Add more strings for additional runtime
  • High density: No need for service clearance between battery rows
  • Sensors: Each smart battery module contains two temperature sensors and a battery identification device for self-configuration 
  • Runtime: Estimate on the display interface updates when smart battery modules are removed or installed
  • Quick status on display: Use the UPS display to quickly identify and replace an inoperative smart battery module

Visibility and peace of mind

Manage and monitor your Galaxy VS from anywhere, at any time, on any device, thanks to EcoStruxure IT software and services

EcoStruxure leverages advancements in IoT, mobility, sensing, cloud, analytics, and cybersecurity to deliver innovation at Every Level. This includes Connected Products, Edge Control, and Apps, Analytics & Services. EcoStruxure IT Expert and EcoStruxure Asset Advisor are cloud-based solutions at the Edge Control, and Apps, Analytics & Services level and provide you with data-driven insights to optimize data center resiliency and performance.

When it comes to IT critical equipment monitoring, are you more hands-on or hands-off?

Visibility anywhere, anytime

EcoStruxure IT Expert provides you a hands-on approach with secure, cloud- based monitoring software that synthesizes performance and alert data into proactive recommendations and enables secure, wherever-you-go visibility from any device. Try it for free for 30 days:

EcoStruxure Asset Advisor for secure power and cooling provides you a hands-off approach with 24/7 remote monitoring service by the Schneider Electric Connected Services Hub experts. We monitor and troubleshoot, you relax.

Comprehensive on-site services

  • Commission the installation in accordance with manufacturer’s recommendations. Ensure optimal system performance from Day
  • Preventive maintenance and response time upgrades, where available.
  • Flexible service plans / on-site extended warranty

Galaxy VS UPS, Options and accessories

Galaxy VS Technical Specifications