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Schneider Electric Galaxy VM: Three-Phase Power Protection, 160–1125 kVA

Highly efficient, easy-to-deploy, three-phase uninterruptible power supply (UPS) that seamlessly integrates into the electrical, physical, and monitoring environments of customers’ medium data centers, industrial, or facilities applications.

  • Highly efficient ECOnversion mode
  • Flexible battery solutions
  • OSHPD and IBC® seismic certified
  • Large color touch-screen display
  • Industry-leading footprint
  • Full front access
  • 65 kAIC rating
  • ENERGY STAR® qualified


Features and benefits

Highly efficient, easy-to-deploy, three-phase power protection that seamlessly integrates into electrical, physical, and monitoring environments.

The Galaxy VM is a key component of the fully integrated and comprehensive Schneider Electric energy management solution for data centers and industrial applications. Deploying the latest in technology, it lowers energy costs through high efficiency and an ECOnversion mode. State-of-the-art electrical performance options, such as wide input voltage range, high overload and short-circuit capacities, and integrated back-feed protection, allow the Galaxy VM to seamlessly integrate into your electrical network to provide excellent power quality. Highly compact, the Galaxy VM also integrates well with facility monitoring systems and smart grid requirements, offering energy storage flexibility that tailors the solution to your specific needs. It features top and bottom cable entry, full front service access, back-to-the-wall installation, and includes start-up services, making the Galaxy VM one of the easiest UPS units in its class to deploy, install, and maintain.


  • Schneider Electric StruxureWare software applications and suites
  • Electrical network earthing systems
  • Facilities infrastructure
  • Seismic certified
  • Monitoring systems — BMS, modbus, etc.

      Energy and cost savings

      • High-efficiency double conversion mode
      • ECO mode
      • ECOnversion mode

              Energy and storage flexibility

              • Traditional (VRLA) and modular battery offerShort and long backup times
              • Selectable charging modes

                Ease of installation

                • System designed for ease of cabling in confined installation spaces
                • Single cabinet top and bottom cable entry
                • Integrated casters for ease of mobility on UPS and modular battery cabinets

                Galaxy VM features

                Integration into your electrical network

                • Wide input voltage and frequency ranges
                • Genset compliant with adaptive ramp-in
                • Integrated parallel capability up to four UPS units
                • Built-in integrated and tested back-feed protection

                    Full integration with Schneider Electric solutions

                    • Fully integrates into the comprehensive Schneider Electric energy management solution for data centers and industrial applications

                    Integration into your facility infrastructure

                    • Back-to-the-wall installation
                    • Operates at 40° C without derating
                    • Embedded seismic to OSHPD, IBC2012, and CBC2013 to Sds=2.02g
                    • Low audible noise levels
                    • Replaceable dust filter for harsh environments
                    • Configurable input/output relays

                        Galaxy VM Single Line DiagramGalaxy VM Footprint

                        Galaxy VM features

                        High-efficiency operating modes:

                        ECOnversion mode

                        • Ultrahigh efficiency up to 99%
                        • Keeps excellent load protection
                        • Continuously charged batteries
                        • Compliant with IEC 62040-3 class 1 output definition of UPS standard
                        • Harmonics and input power factor correction 

                          Double conversion mode

                          • Up to 96.5% efficiency in double conversion online mode even at low load levels
                          • Less energy losses = cost savings
                          • Less heat dissipation = lower cooling costs

                              ECO mode

                              • Up to 99% efficiency

                              • Compliant with IEC 62040-3 class 3 output definition of UPS standard

                                 Galaxy VM Cost Savings

                                From ordering to installation, the Galaxy VM makes your solution choice easy.


                                • 5 x 8 start-up services are included, allowing for full coverage of factory warranty


                                  • Casters allow UPS configurations to be moved easily and installed up against the wall
                                  • Separate cabinet for input and output cabling ensures quick and easy installation
                                  • Top and bottom entry standard provides great flexibility to the installer


                                    • 7-inch touch-screen color display
                                    • Integrated network management capability for easy access to the network
                                    • Integrated battery monitoring capability included for modular battery offer
                                    • Modbus (SCADA and ION-E) capability
                                    • Customizable dry contacts and relays

                                      Galaxy VM LCD Display

                                      Energy storage options

                                      • Traditional (VRLA) battery offer
                                      • Modular battery offer (battery redundancy when
                                      • load is less than 100%)
                                      • Short and extended backup times

                                        Different charging modes

                                        • New modular battery offer allows the replacement of batteries without the need to go to bypass, increasing availability. The loads are still protected by the UPS during maintenance.
                                        • Traditional battery offers allow you to choose multiple runtime options and charging modes.

                                          Galaxy VM options

                                          • UPS with 480 – 208 transformer in 160 to 225 kVA
                                          • Management cards
                                          • Battery cabinets
                                          • Fuse kit
                                          • Wall-mounted battery breaker boxes
                                          • Parallel system bypass cabinets
                                          • Dust filter kit

                                            Galaxy VM UPS optionsGalaxy VM Network Card and Dry Contact ModuleGalaxy VM UPS: Technical Specifications