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EcoStruxure IT Expert: efficient use of your time with cloud-based monitoring


EcoStruxure IT Expert monitors and protects your critical equipment, providing 24/7 visibility through live data, smart alarming, and data-driven insights on the health of your connected assets directly to your smartphone.

EcoStruxure IT Expert synthesizes performance and alarming data into proactive recommendations, and enables secure, wherever-you-go visibility and control

Real-time monitoring

Maintain uptime for data centers and distributed environments with cloud-based monitoring and management of alarms – ensuring peace of mind whether onsite or remote.

Multi-site remote management

Maintain an overview of your entire physical infrastructure – including lights out sites.

Smartphone app

Stay connected to your data center with live data & alarms on your EcoStruxure IT app.


Vendor-neutral management

EcoStruxure IT Expert makes it easy to manage assets from different vendors by providing centralized management of all networked devices.

Proactive incident management

Gain insights into the current and future state of your distributed environment with wherever-you-go visibility, and recommendations on how to pro-actively handle incidents and improve efficiency.

Analytics and machine learning

Understand the root cause of an issue by removing alarm storms and identify the device where the alarms originate from – and then predict how devices will behave in the current conditions based on big data analytics.

The power of the cloud

EcoStruxure IT is Schneider Electric's next generation of IoT connected software and services, and collects data from all your connected devices across your distributed or hybrid IT environment.

EcoStruxure IT connects securely to the Schneider Electric Cloud, and delivers powerful insights made possible by big data analytics and machine learning.

Cloud-based software offers several benefits

Simplified deployment in 30 min.

Global visibility, mobility, and analytics-providing an instant health risk profile for the business across the hybrid environment. 

Benchmark your environment with other data centers world-wide, and apply trend-based analytics across the data for comparison.

Software updates and backup are automatically applied, and cyber security is handled cloud-side for added convenience and security.

Move from a capex to an opex subscription model for added financial flexibility.

Key Features

  • Centralized real-time monitoring and alarm consolidation
  • Health status across the global environment (alarms and data)
  • Vendor-neutral visibility and management 
  • Analytics, industry benchmarks and actionable recommendations
  • Multi-sensor graphing and custom dashboards