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APC Smart-UPS Lithium-ion short-depth UPS 120V

APC certainty with total cost of ownership in mind

The world’s most popular network and server UPS now with Lithium-ion batteries

APC™ award-winning Smart-UPS™ is the most popular UPS in the world for servers, storage and network power protection. Smart-UPS provides availability and manageability to your network allowing you to focus on business growth instead of business downtime. Trusted to protect critical data and equipment from power problems by supplying clean and reliable network-grade power. Smart-UPS’s patented green mode provides high efficiency at low, medium and high load levels. This makes them ideal for multi-core or virtualized servers that have varying load consumption all while saving utility costs. Managed outlet groups allow segmented load control to power on or off your equipment in series, as well as load shedding to preserve battery power for critical connected equipment or reboot a hung device without impacting other equipment. Lithium-ion batteries provides 2X in battery life, better performance at higher temperatures and Total Cost of Ownership savings compared to valve-regulated lead-acid (VRLA) batteries.

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Save up to 50% on Total Cost of Ownership when using SmartUPS Lithium-ion UPS solutions

APC Smart-UPS with Lithium-ion technology enables IT professionals to lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) by minimizing UPS maintenance and offering remote UPS management across distributed environments.

Why should you consider Smart-UPS Lithium-ion?

  • 2x longer life expectancy
  • Eliminate the cost of battery replacement, labor, shipping and recycling
  • Save on TCO by up to 50%
  • Better battery performance at ambient temperatures, up to 104F/40C
  • One-third lighter batteries for easier handling and installation
  • Remote UPS management options
  • Five-year factory warranty on the UPS and battery
  • Battery management system and certifications provide higher level of performance
  • Greater efficiency in charge and discharge of the batteries

Smart-UPS Lithium-ion features

Intelligent and efficient network power protection. Ideal for servers, point-of-sale, routers, switches, hubs and other network devices.

Picture of smart-ups UPS from the front

High-efficiency green mode

Achieves up to 97% efficiency which minimizes utility and cooling costs without compromising UPS performance or reliability.

Network-grade power

Provides stable power conditions by filtering noise, automatic voltage regulation (AVR) and surge protection.

LCD display Intuitive interface provides detailed information with ability to configure locally.

Built-in energy meter

Measures energy use and displays UPS efficiency in operating modes for easy tracking.

Intelligent battery management system

Monitoring at the cell level to manage voltage helps Lithium-ion batteries provide a higher level of performance.

Operate without battery

Immediately protect equipment when power returns after a complete discharge of the battery.

Five-year warranty

Peace of mind with a five-year warranty on both electronics and internal batteries.

Smart-UPS features

Picture of the three different Smarts-UPS from the rear

Switched outlet group

Control a group of output load receptacles independent from the main UPS:

  • Cycling the entire UPS 
  • Sequenced turn ON/OFF
  • Shedding of noncritical loads based on parameters (battery time, runtime remaining and overload)
  • Scheduled time OFF to conserve energy
  • Rebooting hung device without cycling the entire UPS

Lithium-ion batteries

Operates at higher temperatures without degradation of the performance of the battery. Up to one-third lighter and longer life than VRLA batteries.

Flash upgradeable firmware

Allows for field updates of firmware via communication ports or Network Management Card (NMC).

Communication ports

Options of Serial, USB, Ethernet and SmartSlot™ for network accessory cards.

Communication protocols

Choose from Modbus serial, USB PowerSummary, HTTP, SNMP and Telnet.

Input circuit breaker

Re-settable protection.

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APC Smart-UPS display

Intuitive, easy-to-use LCD interface

Image of a LCD interface on an APC Smart-UPS display

LCD display screen

Clear, consistent and detailed information in your choice of basic or advanced menus.

Power status

  • Operating mode and efficiency mode
  • Load VA/watts/amps
  • Input/output voltage and frequency
  • Battery capacity and runtime
  • Energy meter


  • Language
  • Power quality settings
  • Alarm, delay and threshold settings

Test and diagnostics

Initiate battery and runtime calibration tests.


UPS and outlet group settings


See explanation of last 10 transfers and faults.

LED indicators

Quickly identify online, on battery, fault and replace battery status.

Intuitive interface

Easy-to-use buttons to navigate and adjust settings.

Load energy meter

Track energy usage in kilowatt hours

Smart-UPS SC Lithium-ion features

Power protection for entry-level servers, voice and data networks

Image of the front and rear of the Smart-UPS SC Lithium-ion UPS

Rack/floor convertible

Provides flexibility to change from a rack-to-floor installation.

Communication ports

Easy connection and initialization by Serial ports. Use USB with Serial to USB adaptor. *APC SmartConnect port for easy to-use remote monitoring feature that provides automatic notifications, firmware updates and advanced support services. Ideal for small business monitoring.

*Feature available on the “C” suffix model

Rugged sheet metal

Construction rigidly holds and protects critical electrical components.

Automatic Voltage Regulation AVR

Heavy-duty transformer(s) provides extended ranges AVR boost and trim capabilities without battery operation.

Audible alarms

Provides notification of changing utility power and UPS power conditions.

Input circuit breaker

Re-settable protection.

Two-stage network grade power conditioning

Circuitry filters power aberrations.

Embedded network management card (option available on the “NC” suffix model)

Allows users to remote monitor and control the UPS via secure network browsers or external command line interfaces. Ideal for fleet management.

Lithium-ion batteries

Provides long-life battery power, ability to operate at higher temperatures without degradation of battery performance. Up to one-third lighter than VRLA batteries.

Site wiring fault

Faulty wiring detection.

Smart-UPS management solutions

PowerChute Business Edition

For graceful UPS shutdown

Built-in manageability for your UPS unit

PowerChute™ Business Edition software provides UPS management, safe system shutdown and innovative energy reporting capabilities. Energy usage, cost and CO2 reporting provides a greater understanding of the energy consumed by IT equipment, enabling improved energy efficiency. Advanced analysis features help to identify the causes of potential power-related problems before they occur, ensuring the health of your protected equipment.

PowerChute Business Edition features:

  • Graceful system shutdown
  • Fault notifications
  • Risk-assessment reporting
  • Scheduled shutdowns
  • Energy-usage reporting
  • Centralized monitoring
  • Recommended actions
  • Battery status
  • Outlet-aware shutdown
  • Event and data logging
  • Power-event summary
  • Voltage analysis

 UPS Network Management Card

UPS network management cards for remote management and control

Connect to your network and enjoy direct control APC UPS network management cards allow for secure connection and control of an individual APC UPS unit via web browser, command-line interface or SNMP. The configurable notification features keep you informed of problems as they occur. For protected servers, the included PowerChute network shutdown software provides graceful, unattended shutdown in the event of an extended power outage, keeping business information safe.

  • Network management card features:
  • View the user interface with a browser for quick access from anywhere on a secure network.
  • Enable remote device management of your UPS by connecting it directly to the network.
  • Get real-time fault event notifications to quickly respond to critical situations, reducing repair time and maximizing uptime.
  • Eliminate the need to dispatch technicians to remote locations by rebooting equipment remotely

 Smart-UPS cloud-enabled management options

Monitor your UPS online — any time, anywhere — with the APC SmartConnect web portal

The first cloud-enabled UPS for distributed IT

Automatically included in the select connectivity feature that makes the legendary devices even more adaptable and even easier to deploy. APC SmartConnect allows you to view the status of your UPS through a secure web portal. Through this innovative remote-monitoring interface, you will receive automatic notifications, firmware updates and advanced support.

APC SmartConnect features:

  • No special software or gateway required
  • Accessible from any internet connected device
  • Compatible with major Remote Monitoring and Management RMM platforms
  • Actionable alerts and lifecycle recommendations
  • Enhanced troubleshooting and support
  • Simple account login and registration

EcoStruxure IT — connecting hybrid IT environments for advanced insights

Cloud-based vendor-neutral monitoring with EcoStruxure™ IT EcoStruxure IT monitors and protects your critical equipment, providing 24/7 visibility through live data, smart alarming and datadriven insights on the health of your connected assets directly to your smartphone. When you upgrade to EcoStruxure™ Asset Advisor, remote troubleshooting is provided by the experts monitoring your connected assets 24x7.

Remote service Increase your data center’s uptime with intelligent 24x7 monitoring and remote troubleshooting service. Analytics Gain insight into how well your data center runs — receive recommendations and data-driven intelligence. Mobile insights Stay connected to your data center with live data and alarms on your smartphone app.

Smart-UPS Accessories

Smart-UPS Lithium-ion short-depth UPS 120V Technical Specifications